Unsparing… incisive… eloquent… Read and mark what they say; it is urgent.

—john pilger

Award-Winning Journalist & Filmmaker

About the 3-Book Series

Murder Incorporated: Empire, Genocide and Manifest Destiny is a searing critique of the American Empire, a diagnosis of a corrupt pathology. This dramatic three-book series is a lively, irreverent, and spirited alternative to the orthodoxy of American exceptionalism. This is not your father’s history book.

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This book sings with a warning shriek to wake the walking brain-dead. Wow. Read it.

—Greg Palast

Investigative Reporter & Author of the New York Times bestseller

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy


Murder Incorporated is a searing, must-read… I cannot recommend it highly enough.

—Dahr Jamail

Author of Beyond the Green Zone: Dispatches from an Unembedded Journalist in Occupied Iraq


With rising levels of white supremacy and presidential bombast,

there is no better time than now to read a book such as this.

—Sonali Kolhatkar

Journalist, Author, Host of “Rising Up with Sonali"


Poetic, biting, fiery, accessible, and utterly undeniable, Murder Incorporated roots this nation in its true history of empire, revealing the Dorian Gray portrait America has worked so hard to hide away. Reading this book and its framework is literally a matter of life or death.

—Walidah Imarisha

Author, educator, activist, poet


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